Aloo Tikki €7.50

Pan fried potato cakes with green peas and spices.


Vegetable Samosas €8.50

Crispy pastry parcels stuffed with fresh, mildly spiced vegetables.



Onion Bhaji €7.95

Freshly grated onion mixed with gram flour, fresh herbs and spices - fried until crispy and golden.


Main Courses:

Vegetable Hazari €15.50

A West Indian lentil and vegetable curry cooked in a tomato based sauce.


Vegetable Jalfrezi €15.50

Fresh seasonal vegetables and mixed peppers in a sour and spicy sauce.


Vegetable Biryani €15.95

Assorted fresh vegetables, aromatic basmati rice, fresh herbs, spices & nuts.


Navarattan Korma €16.50

Fresh seasonal vegetables cooked in a coconut milk and almond sauce.


Side Dishes

Dal €5.50

Moong and masoor lentils tempered with mustard and cumin seeds.


Smoky Potatoes €5.50

Deep fried potato cubes in a smoky masala with roasted red peppers.


Chana Masala €5.50

Chick peas, tomatoes, onions, ginger garlic and a dash of tamarind sauce.


Basmati Rice

Steamed €3.25

Pulao €3.75

Masala Bhat (steamed basmati with onions and spices) €3.95


Selection of Sorbets €6.50

Choose 3 scoops from:
Passion Fruit, Raspberry or Lemon.


One Scoop €2.75

1 scoop of any flavour sorbet.


Fresh Fruit Salad €7.50


A discretionary service charge of 10% will be added to parties of 6 or more.